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Our mission is to support companies in developing strategies that integrate environmental and social criteria and take into account the needs of key stakeholders. 

By establishing solid governance of initiatives and setting measurable objectives, we help companies achieve tangible results and create value.

Impact Strategies

Optimize your strategy with our expertise and personalized support. Whether you're looking to develop your vision and goals, minimize your risks and seize new opportunities, improve your environmental performance, strengthen your social
practices or optimize your governance, we are here to help you develop and implement winning strategies tailored to your needs.

Our range of services includes:



Curious about deepning your knowledge about ESG and Sustainability , learning more about new trends and regulations, enriching your thinking, training teams across the organization? We offer tailor-made solutions to help you develop your knowledge and thought-leadership. Because better-informed leaders make better decisions.

  • Virtual or face-to-face training on ESG themes for boards, managers, operational teams and employees

  • Interventions at seminars and conferences as a key-note speaker or panelist


Why integrate sustainable development into your strategy? 

Sustainable development is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects. 

Environmentally, it includes reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimizing waste and pollutant emissions, and preserving biodiversity. Socially, it encompasses respect for human rights, the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion, and support for local communities. In economic terms, sustainability means creating long-term value for all stakeholders, through innovation, transparency and accountability. 

By rethinking their business models to incorporate sustainable practices, companies can discover new markets, develop innovative products and services, and strengthen their resilience in the face of economic and environmental change. By integrating sustainability into their strategy, companies contribute to a more sustainable future and ensure their long-term presence and success.

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