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Coaching d'affaires en développement durable

Business coaching in sustainable development

Personalized coaching services for business leaders

Integrating sustainable development into your company's strategy and practices

You need an experienced leader to support you and help you achieve your goals more quickly. We offer customized coaching services for leaders in charge of corporate sustainability.

Integrating sustainable development into a company's strategy and practices is a major challenge, often requiring a profound transformation of its culture and processes. In this context, hiring a coach can be a wise strategic choice.

Throughout my years of practice, I have experienced firsthand how critical this process was to achieve desired outcomes. Business leaders need to rally their teams around a shared vision in order to drive all necessary changes towards their vision.

Séance de coaching avec dirigeants d'entreprise

The coach's role

A coach can offer personalized support throughout the transformation process. Acting as a guide, he or she helps executives and managers overcome resistance to change, identify opportunities and develop the skills needed to successfully make the transition to a more sustainable approach.

The coach's expertise

The coach provides methodological expertise and practical tools to structure and facilitate the transformation process. This includes defining clear objectives, drawing up concrete action plans, and regularly assessing progress made. Thanks to his or her experience and neutrality, the coach can also provide an objective outside view, helping identify potential obstacles and find appropriate solutions.

Magali Depras coach en développement durable
Séance de coaching en développement durable

Working with a coach

Hiring a coach implies that you are truly committed to achieving better results than those you currently have.


The clients we work with set better goals, stay more in action, make better decisions and make much better use of their existing skills and strengths.

How can our coaching services help you?

We are members of the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Séance de coaching développement durable en entreprise

Let's work together!

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