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Embed Sustainability
in your Strategy

Expert support for winning strategies

Through years of practice, I have gained the conviction that a company is better positioned and more attractive when it integrates sustainable development into its business strategy and practices. The integration of environmental and social criteria along with sound corporate governance create value and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Impact Strategies

Optimize your strategy with our expertise and personalized support. Whether you're looking to develop your vision and goals, minimize your risks and seize new opportunities, improve your environmental performance, strengthen your social practices or optimize your governance, we're here to help you develop and implement winning strategies tailored to your needs.

Team Meeting

Curious about deepening your ESG knowledge, learning more about new trends and regulations, enriching your thinking, and training teams across the organization?

We offer tailor-made solutions to help you develop your knowledge and thought--leadership. Because better-informed leaders make better decisions.

Coaching d'affaires en développement durable

Do you want to accelerate the achievement of your objectives and put your company on the path to effective sustainable development?


Why not call on an experienced coach to support you in this quest? We offer personalized coaching services specifically designed for managers committed to sustainable development within their company.


Meet Magali Depras

Magali Depras is the founder and president of Magali Depras Consulting Services inc. She has unique experience combining her know-how as a business manager as well as proven expertise in Strategy and ESG.

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Explore sustainability, ESG and impact strategies with us.

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Client experience feedback

Magali Depras Services Conseils Inc.

We invited Magali Depras to give a presentation on sustainability strategies at our Belron Canada’s executive team retreat. Magali's vast experience and the quality of her presentation informed and mobilized our senior leaders on the importance of sustainability. It was a great success! Magali is dynamic. She knows how to talk about and demystify sustainability to keep the audience engaged.

Belron Canada (Michel Savard, CEO)

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