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We are present in the Media.

As part of the services I offer, different media call on my skills to provide information and expert advice. Through posts, podcasts, conferences, I regularly intervene on the topics of sustainable development, ESG and impact strategies.

Interventions and Participations

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Sustainable supply chains: how to get your suppliers on board?

GUEST EXPERT. Supply chains are in the spotlight more than ever!


The imperative for companies to ensure the sustainability of their supply chains is driven by regulatory pressures, consumer demands and the ethical responsibility to mitigate environmental impacts and safeguard human rights...

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Change your course to succeed in your journey.

GUEST EXPERT. This month, I would like to address the issue of change management. It is essential when the company begins its sustainable development journey. Special attention must be paid to it, because without acceptance or action from managers and employees, any attempt will be doomed to failure...

Image de Charlie Hammond

Reducing your carbon footprint: what is the way forward?

GUEST EXPERT. Climate awareness is growing across the world but its integration into business strategies remains a challenge. 


Leaders face economic and organizational challenges that place environmental issues at the bottom of the list....

réunion d'affaires

Sustainable development: what risks does your SME run by doing nothing?

GUEST EXPERT. Not a week goes by without hearing about climate change, the circular economy, diversity and inclusion, or responsible sourcing. Employees expect their employer to engage on these issues. Large companies, customers of SMEs, make ambitious commitments and ask their suppliers to help them achieve their objectives....

Conférence sur le virage ESG, Magalis DEPRAS

Succeed the ESG Shift

In December 2023, I was interviewed by Charles Poulin on the subject of the new reporting standards of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) S1 and S2, their implications for companies and possible solutions to be better prepared.


Quebec has many solutions to support local companies on their ESG journey and create new business opportunities! Let’s take bold steps to engage in this transition! 

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